I give both the Non Stretched measurement and Stretched measurement. The Non Stretched measurement will be most like a pair of your own jeans laid out flat and measured; The Stretched measurement will be most like measuring around your own body.

Inside Leg - Measure from your crotch down to your ankle (or wherever you want your jeans to fall), remembering you may want to measure a little longer if you want to wear heels.

Waist - There may be a difference between your actual waistline, and where your jeans will sit. As fashion changes, your jeans may sit on your hips, waist, or below your bust, and you will need to measure where your jeans will sit, not necessarily your natural waistline, which will be a few inches above your stomach button (between the top of the hip bones and lower ribs).

The rise of the jeans will determine where your jeans will sit, so if for example your jeans have a 8 inch rise, you will need to measure 8 inches up from your crotch, and then from this point measure your ‘waist’, measuring your body keeping your tape as straight around your body as possible.

Hips - Look sideways into a mirror, keep your legs together, and find the widest part of your bottom, and this level is your hip measurement. If measuring flat, around 1 inch from the crotch.

Thigh - Measure the circumference of the top part of your thigh.

So, if in doubt, measure from your own body.

I also state what UK Jean Size it is, so this should give you a good idea whether they will fit.


Measuring yourself to check against any dress measurements is super easy!

Simply take a tape measure (or even get crafty with a piece of string if you cant find a tape long enough) and measure the length of the drop from wherever the item starts (maybe the shoulder, or just above the bust if it's a strapless number), or where indicated from your waistline, to where it falls on you. This will give you a great indication where the item will sit on your body.

 As a general rule, (but please refer to individual listings) the drop is measured from the waist down for Maxi Dresses, and with Midi and Mini Dresses the drop is measured from the top most part of the dress. 

But please DON'T PANIC if the detailed measurements are confusing you (scrupulous measuring really is not for everyone!), simply refer to the stated UK Size and petite height suggestion, and go with what you know!